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Starting your journey to recovery can take all different forms depending on the individual. If you are in the Austin area and you want to achieve sober living, then Ascension House – Sober Living Austin is ready to support men and women in the local area to get them the treatment that they need. We provide our community with a wide range of options to get healthy depending on where they are on the path to sobriety.


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There are many factors that come into play where achieving sobriety is concerned. To give yourself the best chance, then there are a lot of support avenues that you can take. The correct support depends entirely on the individual on their needs and desires, as well as what stage they are at when working towards sobriety. With the help of a community, access to staff members to advise you, and activities to participate in, you can find a support network that is right for you to work towards sober living.


Here at Ascension House – Sober Living Austin, we have spent over a decade working with our staff to bring sober recovery services to men and women and help them go on to live healthier and happier lives. We strive to provide those from all walks of life with an environment where they can feel comfortable and nurtured. Ascension House aims to offer this family environment throughout your journey to recovery, as we believe that you have that foundation of support that will yield higher rates of success when it comes to your sobriety.


sober living austinHave you found it hard to find somewhere in Austin, TX that can help your individual needs as you work towards sober living? Are you looking to make the first step to sobriety, or maybe you have suffered from relapses and want help to prevent them in the future? Ascension House opens its doors to residents who are in many different stages on their path towards sobriety.

To get started on this path, we use our loving community and the tools that our staff has put in place to help communicate with you on a personal level.

Accountability is also a vital step in the start of this process and analyzing behaviors to help you readjust to a positive and healthy way of living. So no matter where you are in your journey, we can provide the support that works especially for you or your loved one to get to a point of sober living.


Here at Ascension House in Central Austin, we offer our clients as much structure to a new routine in sober living as we possibly can. Whether you are in the early stages of sobriety, or you have recently suffered from a relapse, then our staff can help.

There are a number of ways in which we can help you to get started on your journey, by providing transport services, aiding you to manage your medication, offering gym memberships, and perhaps most importantly, we get to know our residents on a personal level to get to know their individual needs and to integrate them into our community.


This is an important step going toward your recovery. Ascension House – Sober Living Austin introduces clients to the local recovery community in a bid to help them achieve sobriety in the most effective manner possible. We pair residents with vetted sponsors which can provide a huge step towards healthier living, as we continue to strive to offer those foundations of support that Austin’s men and women may need.

That’s not all. Our men’s recovery program and women’s recovery program approach offers a tried and tested system in which those who are looking for drug and alcohol addiction treatment can embark on a 12-step program to encourage a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

We work with a number of outpatient centers for clinical services, whilst also helping you achieve sober living by getting involved with the community with classes for life skills, fitness, and codependency.


sober living austin txOur rehab services are the foundation of the support system that we offer to our clients at Ascension House. Our founding staff members have worked hard in the last 10 years to help men and women transition back into an everyday routine. Something that we aim to avoid is these clients slipping back into their old ways and risking a relapse from drug and alcohol issues.

That’s why our extended care program has a far superior success rate for women and men who participate in them. Our staff endeavor to give all of their time and knowledge to those who need it with a variety of steps in our programming which includes self-esteem building, weekend trips, sponsorship with vetted men and women in recovery, team building and so much more.

The environment that we provide focuses on extended care, which gives you access to professional help with addition throughout the week in Austin, as well as 24-7 support from care coordinators. We run Outpatient Center programs five days a week, which ranges from everything such as trauma therapy through yoga classes and much more for you to get involved in.

If you want guidance on avoiding relapses, or how you can find a new career, or even help you get fit again, then Ascension House has a variety of options to give you the treatment you are looking for.


As mentioned, the goal of our staff is to help those men and women in need regardless of their backgrounds. We understand that recovery in a typical treatment facility is not always an affordable option. This is why we provide the same alcohol and drug treatment services that such centers would normally offer.

Our launch-pad approach to programming is provided by our in-house staff where you can learn life skills, how to manage and budget your finances, work through personal and family problems, and generally give you the most effective advice that we can offer to help you on your long journey to recovery in Austin.


austin recovery programAustin’s Ascension House will see you being introduced to our services by the staff or residents on-site, where you will get the individual care that you require and deserve. The welcoming and nurturing environment that we present helps us to look out for habits and traits that clients might have to aid the transition for you or a family member to make positive changes in life.

Dealing with the issues of our residents head-on by confronting the issues and behaviors that they may be displayed is a technique that can prevent them from suffering the ill effects of alcohol and drug addiction. After all, understanding how these factors are affecting the resident’s life is one of the first steps on the journey to sobriety.

Meanwhile, staff members are also on hand to share their experiences with you, too. They can outline the ways in which you conduct yourself can play a negative part in your recovery, and with their support, they can provide you with alternatives to help you change for the better. We can then come up with individual solutions to guide you or a family member to improve your lifestyle and behavior.


For the men and women of Austin, TX who are looking to get the help they need, we strongly suggest that you consider longer stays with us at Ascension House. This allows you to achieve the goal of your journey to sobriety much easier than you would for spending less time here.

We offer our residents stays of 30 & 60 days, though we do offer a full program that lasts for 90 days. What’s more, if finances are playing on your mind, then we will aim to help you in every way we can to ensure that you can get the treatment that you need without the fear of how you are going to pay for it.

If even longer terms are something that you have been thinking of, then we also have a graduate program in place for you to look into. This can take residents of Austin up to 12 months to complete and provides the highest rate of success for anyone who is aiming to achieve long-term sobriety.

We also have upscale sober living homes in Austin, TX, which are available or those who have graduated from the 90-day extended care program. In these living homes, they will be accompanied by fellow graduates of the program to relax in a sober and welcoming environment. The goal of this program is for the transition back into normal life to go as seamlessly as it can.


When fighting alcohol and drug addiction, it doesn’t necessarily just affect the individual. It can reach far and wide to the extent of family and friends being affected by a loved one suffering from addiction issues. For individual that is looking to make changes in their life, family members can play a huge role in how successful their recovery is.

We have a program in place in which we encourage members of your family to also grow from this experience so they can help as much as possible. Supporting family members is something we offer via phone calls so we can listen to their experiences of how their loved one’s addiction has impacted their own lives, and what they want to see that person achieve going forward.

By having family members gain more insight into what their loved ones are experiencing and being more aware of their own lives in general, it can greatly affect the recovery steps in a positive manner. The family as a whole has the opportunity with us to learn, heal and grow to live the best lives that they can together.