Extended Care Program

About our Extended Care / Recovery Program

An Alternative or addition to Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Our extended care program at The Ascension House assists in identifying in-depth wounds, trauma and root causes to surface layer addictions, and help in the transition of on-going recovery and relapse prevention. The different factors that are assessed and included in treatment during extended care include personality traits, the current family system, recovery understanding, relapse history,  current relationship issues and underlying trauma. As a result, our extended care program is able to provide enhanced and detailed relapse prevention coaching, clinical therapy, core wound/issue work, couples  and family therapy that is relevant to early recovery. Primary Addiction, Co-occurring psychiatric conditions, a history of trauma, and life changes are addressed based on each person’s current level of needs. For many individuals, their current professional work dynamic  may complicate or assist their early recovery, and the extended care program helps each person navigate these important issues as we meet people where they are in their journey.

With regard to treatment for individuals, from students to executives, Ascension House is an extended care that is proven to be effective for anyone who has a willing desire to get sober and work on their underlying issues. We provide a healthy container, supportive staff, and the best clinicians Austin has to offer. Our Extended Care Program provides an additional layer of rehabilitative treatment, as it focuses on imparting critical relapse prevention tools and underlying issues that may at the core of the repeated patterns. Ascension House works intimately with Professionals in the field and our Outpatient Center partners where we customize a program for an individual and their families, and work diligently together in the trenches to see the person to the other side.


Our Extended Care Program, including our Women’s Recovery Program & our Men’s Recovery program, is appropriate for individuals who have completed  primary residential treatment programs through another treatment center or need a higher level of care coming from their current living environment.

The program is abstinence based, gender responsive and specific,  built on the 12-Step foundation along with proven clinical modalities. Treatment includes extensive relapse prevention therapy and a strong focus on family, relationships and solution to self love, care and changing the core beliefs within.

Issues related to feeling less than, not belonging, not good enough, are all incorporated into individual treatment and therapy, and we are known in Austin to have the best culture, environment and container for helping individuals heal, grow in their recovery and find the solution to living a happy, joyous and free life. To find out more or to speak to one of our staff, please call us at  512-598-5030

HELPING FAMILIES TO HEAL & RECOVER Our founders opened the ASCENSION HOUSE because they’ve seen, first hand, so many men, and women join our sober living homes without the tools, skills, and self-love needed to transition back to everyday life. Many times, these individuals fell back into their old ways. We’ve learned that extended care is 82% more successful, so we came together to pour our hearts, experience, and knowledge into a place we could send our own children if needed.

Our program includes:

  • 12-Step Immersion Programming
  • Private Chef (All meals included)
  • Daily Prayer and Meditation
  • Personal Training and Fitness / Gym Membership
  • Accountability Sober Living
  • Big Book/ Step Studies
  • Self-Esteem Building
  • Transportation
  • Weekend Outing Adventures
  • Sponsorship with Vetted Woman in Recovery
  • Nutrition and Cooking Classes
  • Team Building
  • Personalized one on one Recovery Coaching
  • Family Therapy Workshops
  • Service Work Opportunities
  • Acupuncture
  • H & I In-house Meetings

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