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Long-term Care Is Proven

For the past 10 years, Ascension House – Sober Living Austin founders in Austin have been helping young men and women grow, heal and recover their lives. The Ascension House, a halfway house in Austin, TX, was formed to create an intensive nurturing environment, to establish higher effectiveness for men and women needing to discover accountability in a family environment to achieve lasting recovery. It has been proven repeatedly that individuals who establish a firm foundation and support system through treatment and extended care have substantially higher success rates of sobriety.  At Ascension House, the loving community is essential to instill tools, communication, and accountability for positive habits and behaviors that are transforming and long-lasting. You can learn more about the leadership team here.

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Our Austin Sober Living Service is Facebook Recommended!

At Ascension House, we offer highly specialized addiction recovery services. Our team is highly trained and well-equipped to handle everything from new sober living client intake to personalized one-on-one recovery coaching. Read our sober living Facebook reviews and know your addiction recovery is in the best hands! Some of our key services include:


Located in Hyde Park, this is Quality Recovery Housing in Central Austin, Texas

Ascension House provides high structured extended care programs for sobriety and accountability to clients suffering from recent relapses or with under 30 days of sobriety. We transport clients, provide medication management and have a leveling accountability system in place, teach life skills and 12 steps, bring in leaders from local 12 step groups, establish personal relationships with each client and provide gym memberships. Our clients are introduced to the local recovery community, paired with vetted sponsors, and asked to work the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Please call us today to learn more about our sober house Austin or come by for a tour!


For availability or questions, call: (512) 598-5030


The Ascension House – Sober Living Austin approach to men’s recovery home is a proven system that teaches addicts and alcoholics how to apply the principles of a 12 step program to their daily lives. This is paired with strong life skills and support to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism while reintegrating into a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We partner with multiple Outpatient Centers to do any requested clinical work, while at the house we provide life skill classes, codependency classes, 12-step classes, and fitness at the YMCA.

Extended Care Program

Our Extended Care Program at The Ascension House assesses individual personality traits, the current family system, recovery understanding, relapse history, and current relationship issues. As a result, our program can provide enhanced and detailed relapse prevention.

Men’s Recovery House

The Ascension House’s men’s sober living program in Austin is a highly structured, high-accountability program demonstrating how to live a sober life in recovering men. The entire staff at Ascension House are recovering alcoholics and addicts who are available to our clients 24/7 to guide them through early sobriety.

Women’s Recovery House

Ascension House has established itself in the Austin community as the premier women’s sober living in Austin, offering upscale accommodations, around-the-clock supervision, and solution-based programming for women. Since our establishment, our team has helped hundreds of women find a solution they could not grasp and previous attempts to find sobriety.

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Our founders opened the Ascension House because they have seen firsthand how many men and women move into other sober homes without the needed tools to transition back to everyday life. Many times, these individuals fall back into their old ways and unfortunately end up relapsing. We have learned that statistically, more people are successful in their recovery after participating in a program similar to what Ascension House offers for women’s recovery house services in Austin, and to our clients. As a staff, we have come together to pour our hearts, souls, knowledge, and experience into a place we feel comfortable sending our own children if we had to.

Our programming includes:


As an alternative addiction treatment for those who can not afford a standard stay-in treatment, we offer our own daily recovery program known as “Launch-Pad”. We offer many of the same services that most local drug and alcohol treatment centers do, but it is provided in-house by our own staff. It includes classes pertaining to life skills, such as financial fitness and budgeting, family and personal issues, general coaching and advice pertaining to recovery. Also included are deep diving 12 step classes. Scheduling, transportation, and coaching for Launch-Pad is also provided by our own staff as we strive to stay close to our clients in an effort to keep them on the right track and give them the tools needed to succeed in their recovery.


Initiated by either residents or staff, our structured and intimate environment allows for unhealthy behaviours, patterns, and habits to be identified and resolved, which provides real transformation and change to take place for you or your loved one. We are able to deal with the issues and problems confronting the resident and the detrimental impact the resident’s behavior, attitudes and decisions may have on their recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction, as well as how it is impacting their life. The staff member shares their experience, strength and hope and provides feedback to the resident as a means of demonstrating to the resident how their conduct acts as a barrier to their recovery and that change is possible. Solutions and plans to bring about that essential change in resident’s lifestyle and behaviors are recommended and implemented.

30/60/90 DAY STAYS

We strongly recommend and encourage longer term stays, as that is where the greatest chance of lasting sobriety occurs. We allow 30 and 60 day stays, however our full program that creates more lasting change is a full 90 days.


Nearly every weekend, clients take a supervised adventure to have Sunday-Funday, from greenbelt hikes, outdoor adventures, putt putt, movies etc. Much of staying sober is about remembering to have fun, play, and have recreational activities. These trips and adventures create bonding experiences between friends who can serve as a support system for a lifetime.


Addiction is far reaching, affecting many people- not just the one individual with addiction. Family members are often those who are most deeply affected by their loved one’s addiction, and they are an important component of the recovery process for that person. In our program, family members are encouraged to seek and look within their own lives as well to learn and grow from this experience. We provide phone calls for family members, where we help them work through their pain caused by their loved ones’ addiction and their desire to see that person live a healthy life. Through our support, we see many families come to gain more insight, awareness and consciousness in their own lives and undergo their own personal transformation in the entire process. We see this as an opportunity for everyone involved in the family dynamic to heal, grow and expand.


Our environment offers our clients access to therapists if requested at the best Outpatient services in Austin and 24/7 supervision from our care coordinators. Outpatient Center PHP/IOP programs are run five times per week, Monday through Friday and offer clinical services such as CBT, DBT, Trauma Therapy, expressive art therapy, yoga and much more. In our structured recovery setting we offer a weekly curriculum which includes Life Skills, mindfulness and meditation, 12 step sponsorship, codependency, general wellness, relapse prevention groups, career guidance and physical fitness. After completion of our program, clients will have the opportunity to step down into graduate sober homes located in north and south Austin to continue their path towards recovery.


Our graduate program, usually taking up to 12 months to complete, offers the greatest success rates for those seeking long-term sobriety. By the time an individual graduates from our recovery program, they know who they are and how the disease of addiction and alcoholism manifests itself in their lives. After graduating, they can step down into one of many sober living homes in Austin, where they will have a safe, nurturing and sober environment with other graduates, making the transition into life seamless and effective.


Our members may receive counseling and therapy upon request through private and multiple Outpatient centers in the Austin, TX area. The outpatient programs are very similar to residential programs, with the exception that our residents are permitted to return home to our structured recovery environment each day after treatment.



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Ascension House provides highly structured extended care programs for sobriety and accountability to clients suffering from recent relapses or with under 30 days of sobriety. We transport clients, provide medication management and have a leveling accountability system in place, teach life skills and 12 steps, bring in leaders from local 12-step groups, establish personal relationships with each client, and provide gym memberships. Our clients are introduced to the local recovery community, paired with vetted sponsors, and asked to work the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Please call us today to learn more about our sober house in Austin, or come by for a tour!

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