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Extended Care Program

Extended Care Program

An alternative to residential drug & alcohol treatment & standard sober living

Our Extended Care Program at The Ascension House assesses individual personality traits, the current family system, recovery understanding, relapse history, and current relationship issues. As a result, our program is able to provide enhanced and detailed relapse prevention. For many individuals, their current professional work dynamic may complicate or assist their early recovery, and our Extended Care Program helps each client navigate these important issues as we meet other people where they are in their journey.

With regard to treatment for individuals, from students to executives, Ascension House has the best extended care that is proven to be effective for anyone who has a willing desire to get sober and work on their underlying issues. We provide a healthy container, supportive staff, and the best clinicians Austin has to offer. Our Extended Care Program and men’s recovery house provides an additional layer of rehabilitative treatment, as it focuses on imparting critical relapse prevention tools and underlying issues that may be at the core of the repeated patterns. Ascension House works intimately with Professionals in the field and our Outpatient Center partners where we customize a program for an individual and their families and work diligently together in the trenches to see the person to the other side.

Our Extended Care Program is available to both men and women who are trying to get sober. It is available for both individuals currently attending treatment in a non-residential setting as well as for those who have already completed a rehabilitation program and have recently relapsed. We offer our own programming for those individuals who are trying to bounce back from a relapse called “LaunchPad”.

All programming provided by Ascension House is abstinence based, gender responsive and specific, and built on the 12-step foundation along with proven clinical modalities. Programming includes extensive relapse prevention therapy and a strong focus on family, relationships, and self-care.

Issues related to feeling less than, not belonging, and not being good enough are all incorporated into individual treatment and therapy and we are known in Austin to have the best culture and environment for helping individuals grow in their recovery and find the tools to live a happy, joyous, and sober life! To find out more and speak to one of our staff members, please call us at 512-598-5030.


What makes Ascension House different from other sober living recovery centers?

Ascension House stands out with its comprehensive and individualized approach to recovery, offering supportive care that addresses both the physical and emotional aspects of addiction, coupled with a strong emphasis on personal growth and community building.

How long is the typical stay at Ascension House, and what happens after completing the program?

The length of stay varies based on individual needs, but the average duration is around 90 days. After completing the program, residents have access to aftercare support, including alumni programs, to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing assistance in maintaining sobriety.

What types of therapies and activities are offered at Ascension House?

Ascension House provides a range of evidence-based therapies, including individual and group counseling, psychoeducation, and experiential therapies. Additionally, residents participate in wellness activities, life skills workshops, and community-building events to foster a holistic approach to recovery.

Is Ascension House suitable for individuals with co-occurring mental health disorders?

Absolutely. Ascension House is equipped to address co-occurring disorders, with licensed professionals on staff who specialize in dual diagnosis treatment. Our integrated approach ensures comprehensive care for individuals facing both addiction and mental health challenges.