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About Us

Sober Living in AustinWe at Ascension House share a common mission to provide a structured and supportive environment for those looking for more individual attention, community, and accountability. Post residential treatment, many of us are not equipped with the necessary life skills and recovery tools to live balanced, sober, and happy lives. Our founders have created an environment that has the fundamental building blocks for recovery as well as the life skills and spiritual guidance that will provide our residents with the solution to achieve permanent sobriety and lifelong recovery.

Ascension House is a unique and intimate setting nestled in the beautiful upscale centrally located neighborhoods. Our extended care residence works together with different PHP and IOP centers around the Austin area. While our weekdays are focused on meetings and our in-home programming focuses on taking our residents through the 12-steps, spiritual healing, life skills, fitness, and therapeutic recreation. Read our testimonials about our Austin sober living services.


It is our calling and privilege to live lives of service. Our core values of Integrity, Service, Love, and Recovery speak to our mission to serve our residents by sharing our personal experiences of how we’ve recovered from the disease of alcoholism and addiction. By leading with compassion first and strong boundaries second, we’re able to serve with excellence in everything we do.
Our Promise: If you or a loved one completes our 90-day program, you will leave having worked all 12 steps, developed essential life skills, gained tools for living a life of recovery, with a discharge plan that will continue to support your recovery goals after you leave our care. We hope to lead you towards your own personal spiritual awakening, while helping you find a new outlook on life, with a renewed sense of hope, and freedom.

The Ascension Team



Scott Smith, co-founder and COO, brings to Ascension House 11 years experience in the recovery field and ten years of public health experience. In the public health field, Scott specialises in case management and care coordination, communicating with families and health professionals to ensure proper care and treatment is provided to individuals in need. In recovery, Scott has 16 years of personal sobriety. He has helped many men and women find their way in early sobriety, beginning by serving on the Austin chapter board for Oxford House in 2006 and going on to open a successful sober living company with his wife, Carrie, in 2010. Scott has dedicated his life in recovery to helping others succeed. Ascension House is a product of our team’s commitment to do just that.

scott smith
carrie smith


Co-Founder/Program Director

Carrie Smith, co-founder and Program Director, has been been committed to recovery and service since 2006.  Carrie has sponsored many women and has been continually involved in service to the recovery community at large for many years. In 2010, Carrie opened Brightside Sober Living with her husband, Scott, and served as the Women’s Director.  In that role, Carrie has been involved in hundreds of women’s journey into recovery.  Carrie’s knowledge of the 12 steps and her ability to mentor women in a firm but nurturing manner is a key part of the programming that Ascension House provides.