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Ascension House has established itself in the Austin community as the premier women’s sober living in Austin offering upscale accommodations, around-the-clock supervision, and solution-based programming for women. Since our establishment, our team has helped hundreds of women find a solution that they were unable to grasp and previous attempts to find sobriety. By providing an intimate homelike setting and a family dynamic, our clients are made to feel safe to be open and honest. As our clients treat their clinical needs through our outpatient partners, our staff helps them address their needs in the home.

While providing hands-on support, extended sobriety care programs, accountability, and strength through a 12 step program, we are able to give them a full set of tools as they work to transition into the community. Our women obtain sponsors who come into the home and begin the critical bond necessary to establish lasting recovery. Our goal is to send successful graduates into the community to thrive and help others find this way of life.

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