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Circle C Ranch Sober Living

About Circle C Ranch, Austin TX 78739

Circle C Ranch, a master-planned community in southwest Austin, Texas, offers a variety of services and amenities to its residents. Established in 1982, with the first homes constructed in 1986, Circle C Ranch has grown into a vibrant community known for its extensive facilities and programs.

Promoting a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

One of the standout features of Circle C Ranch is its dedication to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The community boasts an 18-hole golf course called the Grey Rock Golf Club, a tennis club, and four swim centers. The Circle C Swim Center features a year-round, outdoor, Olympic-size heated pool. 

Moreover, a family-oriented swimming pool complex with office space and meeting rooms was also completed in January 2012. The third pool, located in the Avana section, was built in 2014 and opened in 2015. The fourth pool, in the GreyRock section, opened in 2017. Residents can also enjoy over 500 acres of dedicated parkland, providing ample space for outdoor activities.

Community Support and Sobriety Programs

In addition to its recreational amenities, Circle C Ranch is home to Circle C Ranch Sober Living, offering supportive programs to help individuals achieve sobriety. These programs include both men’s and women’s sober living options, providing a structured environment with the guidance needed for a successful recovery.

Whether you’re seeking a supportive community or a place to enjoy various recreational activities, Circle C Ranch offers a unique blend of both, fostering a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle for its residents.

Quick Facts:

Local Roads

  • W Slaughter Lane
  • Escarpment Blvd.
  • Auckland Drive
  • Colberg Drive
  • Allerton Ave.
  • Hachita Drive
  • Beatty Drive
  • Hopeland Drive
  • Bungalow Lane
  • Carrington Drive
  • Dahlgreen Ave.
  • South Bay Lane
  • Back Bay Lane

Neighborhoods Nearby

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Schools Nearby

Cities and Towns Nearby

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Things to do in Circle C Ranch, Austin

How To Go From Ascension House to Circle C Ranch, Austin TX 78739:

Ascension House Sober Living Programs in Circle C Ranch, Austin, TX 78739

Getting yourself on the path to sobriety can be difficult without having the necessary support to help you. At Ascension House – Sober Living Austin, we strive to provide our clients with the best individual care to help them achieve sober living.

Holistic Sober Living Program

At The Ascension House, we offer a comprehensive sober living program designed to support individuals transitioning from intensive treatment or recovering from a relapse. Our program emphasizes relapse prevention, personalized treatment plans, and community support, fostering a nurturing environment for long-term sobriety. By addressing the mental, emotional, and social aspects of recovery, we help residents build a resilient foundation for a fulfilling, substance-free life.

Safe Men’s Sober Living Programs

Our men’s recovery programs are designed to support men in embracing a sober lifestyle. Staffed by individuals who have personally experienced addiction recovery, our team is dedicated to guiding male clients through the initial stages of sobriety. We offer 24/7 support, along with access to medical professionals and necessary medications to ensure a comprehensive and effective recovery journey.

Long-term Women’s Sober Living Programs

At Ascension House, we also provide a dedicated supervision service featuring solution-based programs tailored for women. We’ve successfully supported numerous women in achieving sobriety through hands-on assistance within a nurturing, home-like environment. Our women’s recovery sober programs include sponsors who visit clients’ homes, fostering bonds and setting goals to guide them on their recovery journey.

Take the First Step Towards Recovery with Ascension House

At Ascension House, we offer a premier solution for a men’s and women’s recovery house near you. With over a decade of experience, we have built a supportive community dedicated to achieving higher success rates of sobriety. Our approach ensures that each individual receives personalized support tailored to their specific needs, helping them reach their recovery goals.

Taking the first step can be challenging, but rest assured, our friendly team is here to support you every step of the way. If you are ready to take positive steps in your life, contact our team today and we will help you start your journey to recovery.