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women's sober living austinAre you a woman struggling with drug and alcohol addiction? You’ll find a comfortable, supportive environment at Ascension House. we provide support services, private rooms, a nurturing environment with a supportive community of women to help in your recovery process. You’ll join the hundreds of women who have made positive changes in their lives at our sober home. Schedule an assessment today. It’s simple and private.

Our Austin sober living house provides affordable, safe, and supportive housing where the residents are served by a house manager and professional staff members. It is an ideal living environment for those who wish to continue their recovery in non-clinical services, distraction-free space, high-functioning residence environment. Additionally, Ascension House is a sober living home for those who have completed treatment at a residential treatment center or outpatient rehab program.


Sober homes also referred to as sober living residences, are transitional houses intended for ( gender-specific homes) women or males in their recovery journey from alcohol addiction and substance abuse. Before we begin, it is essential to understand the difference between rehab and sober living; they involve very different processes, each with its own unique set of sober living options.

Sober living is an apartment-style or house-style living arrangement. It is a safe and sober place to live for women recovering from drug and alcohol abuse with a support system that helps them maintain their sobriety. Many Sober Living facilities offer group and individual counseling sessions, education, career guidance, life skills training, relapse prevention, and spirituality.


women's sober living austin txThe main purpose of sober homes is to provide structure and supervision to women who have relapsed or are at risk of relapsing while looking for more long-term housing to become independent eventually. Before you start your search, make a list of what you will be doing while sober living. For most people in recovery, staying sober is the highest priority, and thus they will be spending all of their time pursuing sobriety.

There is a wide range of sober living options available in the US today. Some are designed for those who have been through detox or once you finish rehab, while others are for people who are working jobs and high-powered careers but need to remove themselves from a toxic or dangerous situation for them to maintain sobriety. Once they are removed, they can go back to their families, friends, and jobs. They can live a happy, healthy, and productive life.


women's sober living home austinMany reputable sober living homes require that those admitted to the transitional housing program be working, searching for employment opportunities, or going to school. Often the program will require at the very least that you have a part-time job, if not full-time work.

If they don’t require you to do anything, then a higher percentage of the women in their program will not be committed or show accountability. So if you’re in this situation, I highly recommend getting out and going to another one that will require you to do something productive. Contact Ascension House for more information.

Ascension House is within easy access of grocery stores, restaurants, and businesses. If you have a vehicle and would like to bring it, you may. This makes it easy for our members to run errands or go on outings without the hassle of waiting for taxis or relying on others to drive them around. You will be able to easily get to our women’s sober living homes, even without your own vehicle!

We focus on creating a supportive, stable environment and ultimately leads our client’s long-term recovery. Each of our Austin tx sober living homes has a counselor and house manager that will support your recovery and provide a safe environment to begin a new life free from alcohol or other drugs.


Women’s sober living homes are meant to be a supportive and comfortable environment for women in a life change process. From the time your first phone call is received, we will guide you and provide information on finding a safe space and infinite recovery.

Ascension House has created a sober and independent lifestyle that is key to leading a content and enriched life. For many years, we’ve been helping women in need of housing assistance, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, and other bad habit recovery services.


We’ve had the privilege of helping hundreds of women from all over the Austin area find a new life in sobriety. Unfortunately, alcohol is something that can ruin lives and upend entire communities. But by starting with a new lease on recovery, you can become one of those many women who prove that sobriety is achievable.

We’re here to support you every step of the way because we believe wholeheartedly that you deserve better. Other benefits play a big role in what makes a sober house beneficial to people in recovery.


women can are assured to overcome the challenge of addiction. Sober homes have a listening and healing environment of support staff that helps you achieve true recovery. There, you can be amongst trusted people who understand your personality and traits. You are in a much better atmosphere to share your feelings and display your emotions without judgment or criticism.


The recovery process for recovering women addicts and alcoholics would best benefit when staying in an environment with people who no longer drink or take drugs. The fact that they can have a safe place to live and recover makes the journey easy for them to become independent in the long run.


No matter how much they desire to be sober, a person struggling with a bad habit can easily fall back on it if they are not accommodated in an environment that keeps them away from temptations. In addition, they need to be around people with similar thinking to avoid being influenced into using their drugs once more.


By staying in a house where other women have gone through similar situations, you are more likely to break bad habits permanently. In addition, it will assist you to focus and be optimistic about your goals and slowly work towards achieving them.

Women in sober houses need to be away from distractions to focus on getting their lives back on track. The best people to help are those who understand the unique challenges women in recovery face. Minimal distractions are the main benefit of women living in a sober living house. It’s one thing to try and quit drinking on your own and going to a sober home facility, which is more advantageous at the end of it all.


One of the most critical aspects of recovery is strong support from other women who have been in her situation in the past. This support can come from a network of friends or an established program designed for this purpose, like what we offer at Ascension House.

While women’s sober living houses provide a sense of community and belonging, they also offer the opportunity to heal from painful life experiences. This healing comes through empathy, understanding, and emotional reciprocity in a shared sober living house program.