Ascension House



We are writing this letter to recognize and endorse an amazing program that has been instrumental in offering a structured, accountable and compassionate platform that allows for an individual’s recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.  Our daughter began her journey into drug addiction at the young age of thirteen. She struggled throughout her high school years with this addiction which brought her extensive pain and an uncertain future for her and her family. My husband and I were heartbroken and searched exhaustively for a safe, compassionate, well-grounded facility that would allow her to address her addiction while holding her accountable so she could grow and become a strong independent young adult. We were so incredibly fortunate to have found Ascension House in Austin, Texas. This facility offered us a comprehensive program that not only addressed the drug addiction issue, but also the underlying hidden conditions that tend to sabotage sobriety. These hidden conditions are usually a result of a dual diagnosis that is addressed by utilizing a series of methodical programs coupled with highly trained, competent staff to outline a comprehensive treatment plan. This strategy has proven over and over to be effective in the healing process and ultimately the total recovery plan.  

We entered this program almost a year ago through a medical facility to ensure our daughter’s physical safety from any withdrawal complications and then entered into Ascension House. Ascension House is an amazing upscale facility which offered her a loving environment to grow in her program of sobriety while learning how to be part of something bigger than herself. She learned everyday how to take the “ME” out of situations and begin to think of others while living in a structured environment full of personal responsibilities, commitments, chores, and scheduled “fun” activities. She had to learn how to live drug free, find peace, and have fun in the process. This is exactly what this program offers. Scott and Carrie Smith and David Naylor are seasoned professionals that have built a reliable program based on integrity utilizing the 12 step program. They passionately assist each person to not only recognize their value but also help them to identify their unexplored potential that truly is a reality. The staff is also amazing and are handpicked by David and Carrie to ensure strong leadership and consistency for the women in the program. They are so dedicated and selfless in helping each person navigate the pitfalls and celebrate the victories throughout their journey of recovery. The unconditional support and love that is felt when you walk through the doors on the first day is incredible and speaks again to the staff and their unconditional love for the women in the program.

Today, our daughter is living in a less structured sober living home (Brightside) and enjoying the life that she has been able to find through the assistance of this incredible program. She has built strong relationships with individuals that have her best interest at the soul of their being and is currently celebrating nine months of sobriety.

We praise the Lord for opening the door to this program and will forever be grateful for the people who dedicate their lives to helping others establish foundational principles and relationships that aid in the success of their sobriety.
Scott and Laura

My name is Morgan Sigle. I was at Ascension House for about 8 months. When I first got there I hated it because I didn’t want to be sober, and I fought everybody on everything. I didn’t understand why having a chore was going to help keep me sober or why we had to go to meetings. I didn’t like that I had people telling me what to do either. Then one day it just clicked and I realized that all the things that I needed to do to stay sober and have a better life were the things I was fighting. Ascension house literally saved my life in every aspect. The staff is super sweet, loving and care for each one of their clients more than anywhere else I’ve ever been. Since leaving Acension house I have gone on to work a strong program and now I have 18 months sober. I could not thank Ascension enough for all that they have done and continue to do for me.

Caroline Bernhardt

The structure, compassion and accountability that is offered at Ascension House is something that I am incredibly grateful to have experienced in early recovery. Being an 18 year old in recovery comes with great challenges, however, Ascension gave me the support and skills I so very needed to be successful. This has not only helped me in my program, but has also assisted my journey to independence. Without the Ascension House, I would have never gotten to establish a life worth living.

Before coming to Ascension House, I was lost and frightful of life itself. The fear of not being good enough completely controlled my life. I absolutely had no self esteem and was constantly
struggling with a deep void. I learned this void was in actuality a spiritual malady, an affliction of the spirit. My drug addiction started when I was just 13 years old. No amount of therapy or institutions could keep me sober. Fortunately, the selfless and dedicated staff of Ascension House have made a positive impact on my life differentially from past experiences. While at Ascension, I was given the opportunity to work the 12 steps and build a strong foundation through basic spiritual principles. I learned how to have sober fun, handle responsibilities and demonstrate integrity in my life. These three things gave me the ability to understand the importance and value of rejoining society and being a part of a community.

The staff presented a solution and an environment that allotted me the ability to stay sober. I am very fortunate to have had an experience which has helped me grow both spiritually and mentally. Ascension gave me the opportunity to truly love my authentic self. The work I did here and the positive relationships I fostered helped me finally see my full potential. Others belief in me helped me have the courage to apply to several colleges. I am very excited to say that I got accepted into several universities and will be attending Colorado State University in the Fall of 2018. I look forward to spreading the message and the joy that I have gained while at Ascension. I hope to have an impact on others afflicted by the same struggle as me.

During my stay, when life was challenging, I always had the support and safety net around me. Today, I have the skills to live out fundamental principles such as honesty, faith, courage, integrity, humility, service and more. I am currently six months sober and now have the capability to share the solution with the newcomer. Ascension House is truly one of the best gifts I have experienced and has changed my life for the better. Ascension provides support that goes above and beyond and has truly given me the skills to be successful in all aspects of my life. It is a blessing to have gotten to live, learn and grow at the Ascension House.

With much gratitude,
Caroline, a recovering addict