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Mexic-Arte Museum

The Mexic-Arte Museum is a place that will be of interest to anyone who appreciates the arts. Located at 419 Congress Ave., Austin, TX 78701, this museum focuses on traditional and contemporary art and the preservation of Mexican culture. It is open every day except Tuesday. Visitors will be able to find a wide range of pieces, including paintings, sculptures, drawings, and 3D art installations. The museum also hosts educational programs and hosts events.

The Museum is a tribute to late founder Pio Pulido, who passed away on July 12. His life, energy, and spirit will live on in the works on display. The Mexic-Arte Museum is a place for people to learn more about Mexican art, culture, and history. Useful reference

The Mexic-Arte Museum is committed to continuing the conversation about the Borderlands through an Artist in Residence Education Program. The museum has partnered with Raices, a local nonprofit that raises awareness about the conditions in immigrant detention centers. The program will also feature community workshops, an audio-visual installation, and an exhibition of the Community Ofrendas.

The Mexic-Arte Museum also encourages the development of Latinx artists. The museum has special programs and exhibits focusing on these artists, including the Young Latinx Artists exhibition and special commissions. It also features works from all media and styles, including the modern and contemporary Latinx art. More info here

The Mexic-Arte Museum’s permanent collection includes more than 1500 works of art. Highlighted artists include Richard Armendariz, Mark Clark, Antonio Castro, Socorro Diamondstein, and Gaspar Enriquez. The museum also has a library with rare books and works of art.

The Mexic-Arte Museum is also home to several artists from Mexico. Tita Griesbach, a Mexican painter and printmaker who lived in Austin for forty years, donated a collection of her paintings to the museum. Her work focuses on neo-figurative compositions that reflect Mexican myths and personal fantasies. The paintings and sculptures created by Griesbach evoke nostalgia for history and the country.

The Mexic-Arte Museum is committed to expanding the cultural outreach of local artists through its Changarrito Project. It hosts artists at the Mexic-Arte Museum and allows them to sell their merch on the internet. Artists who are featured in the Changarrito Project will have their works included in the permanent collection.

The Mexic-Arte Museum is home to a series of exhibitions for emerging Latin artists, which is now in its twenty-second year. The exhibition highlights the artistry of local and regional artists. Throughout the exhibition, viewers can also view photos of their loved ones. One of the exhibitions will feature the artworks of two TCTA artists, Ashley Mireles, and Andrei Renteria.