Brentwood Austin Sober Living

Getting started on the way to sobriety can be hard. It isn’t something that you should have to go through alone, and you may be considering treatment to help you get started with a new lifestyle. If you happen to be in Brentwood, Austin area and are looking into sober living, then be sure to consider Ascension House – Sober Living Austin.

For sober living programs for men and women, we provide the best service to get you such treatments. We also have a heavy focus on extended care programs to help guide you to sober living.

So what is it that makes Ascension House stand out from the crowd? We have been busy for over 10 years making a nurturing environment to help those who need it to get healthy again. Our variety of treatment programs is something that will help any individual get the care that they need that is relevant to them. If you need round the clock care, one-to-one treatments, or anything else that will help you individually, then we can provide it.

For those who are local to Brentwood who want to get started on their journey to sobriety, then give Ascension House a call. You can enquire with us now to find out what we have to offer and what availability we have, and you can find further information about our services and more about our staff by paying a visit to our website.

Ascension House Sober Living Services in Brentwood, Austin, Tx 78757

Getting yourself on the path to sobriety can be difficult without having the necessary support to help you. At Ascension House – Sober Living, we strive to provide our clients with the best individual care to help them achieve sober living.

Extended Care Programs

We believe that you can achieve a higher success rate with individual care and support when it comes to sobriety. Therefore, we have extended care programs in place along with the best clinicians, staff, and environment that you will find in the Austin area.

Relapse Prevention

At Ascension House, we assess each individual’s traits in personality, their everyday lives, and their family life to offer them a detailed relapse prevention program. Our extended care program helps clients to work through important issues so they can look after themselves on their journey to sobriety. 

Men’s Sober Living Programs

The extended care program at Ascension House is available to help men adopt a sober lifestyle. With staff members being recovering addicts themselves, they are on hand to help male clients navigate the early stages of sobriety with around the clock service, plus access to doctors and medications where required. 

Women’s Sober Living Programs

Ascension House also offers a 24/7 supervision service with solution-based programming available for women. We have helped many women to find sobriety through hands-on support, offering a homely setting within a nurturing environment to help clients on their path towards sobriety. Our women also take on sponsors to visit their homes and help them with their journey to recovery by establishing bonds and goals to work towards. 



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