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We are a high structure high accountability house and provide staff on site 24/7. We facilitate life skills and 12 step lessons Monday-Friday 3 groups per day. Every week John Lee, renowned speaker and author, leads in-depth work around self help, anger management, and co-dependency. Our life skills lessons cover some of the following topics; boundaries, conflict resolution, resume basics, and financial sanity (budgeting, credit). In our 12 Step groups we go in depth with the steps and help clients distinguish what each step means and how it is applicable in their lives currently. Our final group of each day is an interactive group which engages the clients on what they have learned through skits, team oriented activities, or crafts. WE REQUIRE clients to get a Sponsor and work the steps with them. We vet all potential sponsors to make sure they have a sponsor, have worked all 12 steps, and will be able to show up for each client on a consistent basis. Food is provided to clients in the Launch Pad program as well as transportation to necessary appointments such as doctor appointments, court dates, and IOP (if they are enrolled in one). Clients receive a gym membership to the YMCA and also partake in outings on the weekends. We have recovery coaches on staff who work with clients progressing through their goals which will continue into the graduate program. Our main goal is to give clients a solid foundation in their recovery and work on relapse prevention. Building the necessary relationships and tools that will continue to be used and utilized in their steps afterwards. 

Our Launchpad program is available to both men and women who are trying to gain and maintain sobriety. The Men’s and Women’s houses are separated to help form those important and close relationships with their peers. All programming is designed to alcimate individuals with the necessary skills in life to succeed and how the 12 steps are woven within them as well. It is more than just knowing these, it is about practicing them.